Certified Personal Trainer


At my heaviest I was 375. I always lifted and considered myself as a “power lifter” so I used the heavy amounts of weight that I lifted to justify my size. 

At one point I got down to 335. Then I thought well 335 is better than 375 and started to get comfortable with that.

Then one day after lifting heavy I injured my shoulder and I wasn’t able to lift heavy. After that I started working out less and sleeping and drinking more so I guess you can say I feel into a funk. I had completely stopped going out unless it was with my close friends and even then, I felt uncomfortable and dark clothes were my go to. And my weight shot back up to 360 before I knew it.

Then it was like a switch went off in my head and it was like I don’t want to look, live, and feel like this and I started to change my environment including my job and then I started cutting out things and some people who were stressing me because I know stress was a trigger for me to eat. It was like I feel in love with the gym all over again and went back to the basics and completely changed my eating habits because no matter how hard you work you cannot outwork a bad diet.  The numbers on the scale started going doing and the way my body started changing were key factors that motivated me more and more. I’m currently 230 with a goal to possibly compete somewhere in the future. 

If there are 3 things that I could tell somebody who wants to change. 

First off you can’t out work a bad diet.  Never underestimate the power you have to take your life in a new direction because the opportunity for a better life ultimately comes down to you. 

Immerse yourself in a life that moves you, because what you surround yourself with is what your life will become.