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I am a 64 year old retired Army Nurse, diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis, Diabetes and Rheumatoid Arthritis. At the age of 60  I was severely over weight (219 pounds at 5’5”) as a result of steroids and numerous other medications, along with daily Injections. I started working out but had no results at the end of 3 years.

I met and partnered with Robert Conklin who soon became a very good friend and we started training together. He did a 100-day challenge and I worked with him during his challenge. We discussed our results daily and how it would be awesome to pass this knowledge on to others. We would see people every day working so hard but getting nowhere. We talked about it one day and I said, " it is time for me to open a fitness center". Robert said, “Open it and I will run it” so that’s what we did.

People often ask me “What’s the future of Better Life Training Fitness and Nutrition?” When my current club has reached it’s potential, I am opening a Big Box fitness and nutrition center, with the ability to franchise additional clubs without sacrificing my number one goal which is to Change Lives All Over The World!!

Club Manager and Certified Personal Trainer


Born and raised in Knoxville Tennessee, I grew up boxing at Golden Gloves Arena in Chilhowee Park. I am a trained Mixed Marital Artist. I graduated from Knox. West High School, where I was recognized as All-KIL, State Qualifier in Track & Field 3 years in a row.

Later, I was recruited to be a dual athlete at Campbellsville University for Football and Track & Field. After studying Business Administration and Health Science I decided to begin my career in Gym Management and Personal Training. I am an active USAPL Powerlifter and I will soon be bringing a few gold medals back to Memphis. I am very passionate about health and fitness, and I would love to help as many people as possible reach their fitness goals.



A native New Yorker, born in Brooklyn. Moved to Memphis in 1991. Attended White Station HS, (class of ‘93). My fitness journey started in 2009 and became seriously inspired to become a body builder in 2013. I joined the National Physique Committee (NPC) and competed in my 1st show in May of 2013. Since then I’ve competed in 14 shows 3 of which were National level shows. I now personal train for a living, and received my Master personal trainer certification. I’ve been blessed to help thousands of people reach their desired goals, whether it’s lifestyle changes for clients or competing athletes. It’s an honor to be around such awesome trainers and dedicated fitness enthusiasts.

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Certified Personal Trainer


I was born and raised in Memphis Tennessee. Currently I’m in the United States Marine Corp. In 2016 I graduated from the University of Memphis with a Bachelor’s degree in Exercise and Sport Science. In the past two years, I have worked in Physical Therapy Clinics and other fitness facility’s. My passion has always been to push the limits and goals of others to the fullest.   

Certified Personal Trainer


I am Certified by the National Academy of Sports Medicine and a Certified Stretch Therapist. I am a former NBA dancer with The Memphis Grizzlies who loves fitness and motivating others to be the best version of themselves. My hobbies include traveling the world, working on my blog, choreographing and trying new restaurants with friends.

Certified Personal Trainer

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Certified Personal Trainer


I am a native Memphian who received my Bachelor’s degree in Exercise and Sport Science from the University of Memphis in 2009.  From there I went on to work in corporate wellness for a few years.  I later returned to school to obtain a Master’s in Teaching Secondary education.  After losing nearly 100 lbs., I decided to combine both worlds..each which derive from helping other’s reach his or her goal. I currently am a personal trainer certified by NCCPT and also teach 10th grade English full-time. In addition, I recently began training to become a figure competitor.

Certified Personal Trainer



I was always told I had a slow metabolism all my life, that our whole family struggled with that and it was to blame for us all being overweight. Never mind the fried food, sweet tea, and fresh baked pies we constantly consumed. I struggled with being overweight most of my childhood. I lost and gained through my teenage years, but after I had my son my weight got out of control. Then came my divorce, talk about no control. The all-time worst though losing my father suddenly due to a heart attack.

Life's tragedies have a way of making us seek comfort and my comfort was food.  

Fast forward years later I remember praying in my kitchen. I told God I couldn’t do this alone and needed him to help me. I joined a gym. I committed to exercise every day. Slowly, I adjusted in the foods I allowed myself to eat. Over time, the weight began to come off. Suddenly people were asking me to train them, so I became a Personal Trainer. I wanted to help anyone that I could help overcome their own physical struggles. 

I'm here because exercise has changed my life and I love it. I'm an excellent motivator and my passion for fitness is contagious! 

Certified Personal Trainer

 Born and raised here in Memphis, TN. Andre Christopher Morris attended Central High School (class of '93). Andre has been a full time musician traveling the world since the age of 18 and has been blessed to record on numerous Grammy Award winning albums. After battling his personal fight with the love of comfort food and obesity since childhood Andre changed his lifestyle in 2013 and lost 70 lbs to achieve the level of fitness that he always dreamed about. That same year he joined the National Physique Committee (NPC) and began competing in several local, regional, and national level bodybuilding competitions. He has since become a full time certified personal trainer and fitness nutritionist specialist with NFPT. His life's mission has now become to help as many people as he can come out from the bondage of obesity and poor health by teaching them how to change their perception concerning diet and smart resistance training.

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