Our Focus.
My Story.

Our Focus

Better Life Training, Fitness, and Nutrition (BLT) is a boutique fitness facility that offers something for everyone over 18, and is focused on seniors and individuals with health issues. The gym specializes in custom-crafted nutrition programs, exercise routines, and supplements, which can positively impact adverse medical conditions and overall fitness. Our motto is:  “You can’t out train a bad diet!.”

No one-size-fits-all all meal plans for our members. Meal plans are individualized, and their preparation considers the member’s age, height, weight, health condition, and level of physical activity. Our certified nutritionist ensures a well-balanced meal with the proper balance of carbs, proteins, and calories.

You never have to worry about conducting the right exercise the right way. All membership levels at BLT include a certified fitness trainer. Our trainers ensure that you perform each exercise correctly and how to use the equipment properly so you’ll obtain the maximum benefit from your exercise routine.

My Story

Better Life Training, Fitness and Nutrition’s (BLT) owner is Mary Champion, a retired Army nurse with 23 years of dedicated service to her country. While in the military, her duties included the management of medical wards within hospitals on U.S. soil and within active war zones. After retirement from the military, Mary worked in private practice for seven years, assisting with organ transplants such as livers and hearts.

In 2017, Mary established BLT after struggling to overcome significant medical and fitness challenges. Those challenges included multiple sclerosis, lupus, diabetes, and obesity. At one point, Mary was even a wheelchair user. These events forced Mary to seek help in the medical and physical fitness communities. However, her condition grew worse. After dealing with constant pain, medication side effects, and expensive gym memberships that did little to improve her situation, she began researching.

That’s when she discovered that exercise alone cannot achieve long-lasting weight loss. Nor can eating healthy food improve certain medical conditions if they are not the right type and eaten in the right quantities. Leveraging her training and experience as an RPN nurse and certified nutritionist, Mary developed a methodology targeting her medical conditions and weight problems. The results are phenomenal; doctors have eliminated all medications, her diseases are in remission, and her weight has dropped from over 200 to 140 pounds. Mary discovered a means to a better life.

Her mission now is to impact the lives of those around her and demonstrate how to improve their quality of life by customizing fitness activities and providing nutritional guidance. A firm believer in learning and education, Mary focuses on the uniqueness of her clients and each individual triumph. The successful efforts of her clientele speak volumes about Mary’s approach.  

Let BLT help you find your Better Life too!